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Friday, July 3, 2015

Give Up or Stand Up?

Another 4th of July has come. It is a time to relax, go to the beach, barbecue and spend time with family. But it ought to be more than that. This holiday is meant to reflect on what America is all about and our role as individual Christian citizens of this country.

Over two hundred years ago the young United States of America was called “The Great Experiment”. The world had never witnessed a country founded and brought forth on democratic principles. The idea of government by the people, for the people and of the people was as strange to most at that time as the thought of a monarchy is to us today.

“The Great Experiment” has thrived. As a nation we have prospered incredibly. Our influence in the world is undeniable. The 4th of July, for Christians, is an opportunity to acknowledge God’s blessings on this country, of which we are privileged to be called citizens. It is also a time to consider our unique role in America’s future.

Recent events have led many Christians to become pessimistic about the future. There are those who claim the best of America has passed. Some are throwing up their hands in despair.

It is not the time for Christian Americans to give up, but rather to stand up, as light and salt disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jesus never gave a guarantee that American government or any government would be friendly to his followers. In fact, he said just the opposite. He said, “Expect suffering.” At the same time, though, he tells us to go out and make a difference for him even though there is resistance at every turn.

The outcome of America’s future is in God’s hands. What that will be we do not know. But one thing Christ has made very clear: as citizens of the United States, we do not have the option of retreating into isolation. Instead, we are to stand up, and with Christ as our Savior and Lord, live with powerful Christian integrity and be prepared to speak of Jesus with a respectful gentleness.

Join us this weekend and stoke your Christian light so you can keep on showing the way to Jesus, no matter how dark things may seem.

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why Worship?

It’s a legitimate question. Why do people worship? Some might shrug their shoulders and say, “Because that’s the way I was brought up.” Others might say, “It’s the right thing to do.” And still others may feel that if they don’t worship God, something bad will happen to them.

After David became king of Israel he decided to bring the Tabernacle and ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. The Tabernacle was the mobile place of worship for the Israelites constructed by Moses some 400 years earlier. The ark of the covenant was the single most sacred item of the Tabernacle which represented God’s presence among the Jewish people. The day of the ark’s arrival was one of exuberant worship for David. He didn’t just nod his head solemnly and whisper, “Amen” as the ark made its way to the city. No, he shouted prayers of praise. He sang at the top of his lungs. Yes, he even danced.

On this particular day, worship for David, was a reflection of all that was good in his life and he recognized that every single bit of that good came from God.

Some associate worship with a dismal image of sitting in a dimly lit, drab church, singing unintelligible songs and listening to a boring sermon that has nothing to do with their day to day lives. Don’t let a distortion keep you from experiencing God and all that God intends for you. Because that, in essence, is worship.

Join us this weekend for a time of worship. Read Psalm 103 as a preparation. You’ll be glad you did!

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

Friday, June 19, 2015

When God Suddenly Matters

When the good times are rolling, God often becomes the object of token thanks. But when those same good times grind to a halt and we find ourselves in a mire of problems God suddenly becomes a very important option. Maybe it’s because we have come to our senses or maybe it is due to the fact we have nowhere else to turn. But, when we start to hurt, God begins to matter big time in our lives.

This Sunday we’re going to study about a phase in David’s life during which he was literally in a desert full of problems. With each passing day Saul’s insane jealousy for David along with the desire to kill him grew. David went from being the poster boy of Israel to a persona non grata. On the run with very little support, David lived in caves and desert wastelands for a period of some 7 years.

During this time he must have asked God, “Why? Why are you doing this to me when you told me I was going to be the next king? What possible good can come out of this?” God did not give David the resounding answer he was looking for, but the Lord did get him through.

Periods of pain can be God’s way of not only getting our attention, but bringing us into his family in a way pleasant times never could. Life can be hard, very hard. To deny it would be to fool ourselves. We need to be ready for when the going gets tough. David shows us how. Join us for one of our weekend services and get ready for whatever life sends your way!

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

Friday, June 12, 2015

Are You Looking For a Good Friend? Then Be a Good Friend!

There’s no shortage of people looking for a good friend. What’s in short supply are people willing to be a good friend. This Sunday we’re going to see what a great friendship looks like as we explore the commitment David and Jonathan had for one another. Jonathan, especially, demonstrated the unique characteristics of humility and self-sacrifice which enabled David to become king of Israel.

Too often we bring a “I want it my way” attitude towards our friendships. We feel that if our friends don’t do what we want, then they are no longer worthy of being our friends. We’ve lost the understanding that great friendships don’t just happen, they are hard earned over time with lots of commitment, trust and sacrifice.

If you feel like your friends are superficial, that they wouldn’t stand by you if you were in a tough situation, join us this Sunday and learn from the example of Jonathan. If you can be a “Jonathan” to others, there’s no doubt, you will find the kind of friends you’re looking for, people who will be there for you, in good times and bad.

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Jealousy Is When You Count Someone Else’s Blessings Instead of Your Own

The Bible talks a lot about jealousy. Probably because it has such a powerfully destructive influence on our lives. It doesn’t matter how much money or power or education or talent a person has, everyone struggles with being upset over not having certain things others have.

The great tragedy is that jealousy steals any possibility of happiness. Take a look at the Bible passages below. Don’t they describe well what happens to the jealous person?

“Resentment kills a fool, and envy slays the simple.” Job 5:2

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” Proverbs 14:30

This coming weekend we’ll be looking at what happened to a man named Saul when envy and jealousy began to take over his life. To make a long story short, he pretty much lost everything. The irony is that the very man Saul was jealous of, David, was his most loyal supporter. Had Saul counted his own blessings and left David be, his life would have been radically different for the better.

There is no miracle cure for jealousy – nothing that we can do or say that will instantly remove it from our lives. It is something we will struggle with because it is part of our human brokenness. But that is no reason NOT to fight it now. Don’t let envy and jealousy steal the peace and contentment God wants you to have in life. Join us this Saturday evening or Sunday morning for one of our worship services and start the fight!

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

Friday, May 29, 2015

Is There a Goliath in Your Life that Needs to Be Taken Care Of?

The story of the young man David taking on and defeating the giant Goliath in a fight to the death is one of the most well-known stories of the Bible. It is the ultimate example of the underdog winning. But this story is much more than a heartwarming account of the little guy beating the big guy. It’s a story about God working in this world. It’s a reminder that each of us faces Goliaths in our own lives, though they make take on different forms. And it is a call to courageous action against seemingly unbeatable odds.

Goliath sized problems have a way of paralyzing us. We try our best to solve them by our own efforts but nothing seems to work. And then God steps in. Maybe he uses a person (even ourselves) or a set a circumstances to bring about a solution to our Goliath problem which we would have never expected. No, God doesn’t work in this way all time, but when it is necessary, when it fits into his plan, he uses all the resources he has at his disposal (and those resources are quite significant!) to cause things to turn out for our eternal good. For all his faults, David believed this truth with all his heart. Do we?

Join us this weekend for one of our services. Get what you need to take on your Goliath!

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

Friday, May 22, 2015

Flags and Flowers

Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past.
Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders, and they will explain to you (Deuteronomy 32:7).

When he was 9, he wove red, white and blue crepe paper through the spokes of his bicycle and proudly rode after the high school band in the Memorial Day parade. His mother smiled.

When he was 19, he marched as a Soldier in a Memorial Day parade. His parents came to see it. His mother smiled.

Before he turned 21, the hometown Memorial Day parade turned into a place where freshly turned dirt lay before a headstone with his name on it. His mother felt she would never smile again.

There are those who scoff at Memorial Day events, and write them off as an attempt by the government to cover over the horror of war with flags and flowers. In reality, it is a chance to remember and explain.

A veteran of warfare wrote: “The beginning of the end of the war is in remembrance.” Those who have lost sons or daughters or comrades in war need to remember their names and their deeds. It is a debt that is owed. It is a step toward healing.

The pain of loss may be numbed by many means, including stuffing the memory into a dark, far corner of the mind. But that doesn’t make it fade. It just festers there. It must be brought into the light of day and the brightness of God’s Word in order to be accepted and understood.

The dream of no more wars will always prove empty as long as this world stands. It is not God’s fault. It is the outgrowth of sin. But, while sin may be the root cause of war, waging war to protect others is not sin. It is carrying out the command of God in the Commandment that protects life.

Evil is a deadly threat. Peace treaties and negotiations cannot keep it subdued for long. All too soon it breaks out of its cell, and threatens the weak. Sometimes it requires bloodshed in order to put it down. Sometimes it is the blood of the defenders of life that spills onto the ground.

The young do not know this. It must be explained to them. They need to learn of the sacrifices that past generations have made on their behalf. They need to learn that sometimes freedom from evil is bought with blood.

Christians understand this. They remember the story of the Son of God on earth. They know that it was his blood that set them free from the tyranny of sin, death, and the devil. They know that if they are called upon to lay down their life for their country, their Savior will one day raise that body to join its soul in a place where there will never be any war.

Flags and flowers—they help us remember, they help us explain, they help us heal.

We pray:
Lord of grace and glory, Americans remember their fallen on the holiday we call Memorial Day. Help us to remember the cause of war, the horrors of war, and, at some times, the need for war. Help us explain to a new generation the reality of evil, the need for sacrifice, but above all, the need for you. Without you, any victory is fleeting, and any healing is short-lived. Without you, America is at the mercy of its enemies—and its enemies do not possess mercy. Therefore, shower us with your mercy from on high that we may never forget those who died for our freedom, and the One who died to make us free forever.

Written by Pastor Paul Ziemer, WELS National Civilian Chaplain

“What do you think God looks for in Christians?”

We know what to look for in a CEO. We know what skill set a person needs to be an NFL quarterback. But what does God want to find when he peers into the heart of a Christian?

Beginning this weekend, we’ll be starting a sermon study series on one of the most famous men in the Bible – King David. We know more about this man than any other person in the Bible except Jesus Christ himself.

If you’ve done some reading in the Old Testament, you know that David was not what anyone would describe as an ivory tower saint. No, he was a man full of flaws – capable of committing the worst of sins. And yet, Bible writers describe him as a “man after God’s own heart”!

The story of David is no different than our story with God. He takes us as we are and then molds us into the person he wants us to be so that he then can use us to accomplish what he has planned. When we step across the threshold of death, no one will be interested in CEOs or NFL quarterbacks. All that will matter at that moment will be what we did for God.

If you haven’t thought much about what God is looking for in your life, how about joining us this Saturday evening or Sunday morning to give it some consideration? Someday, the most important statement anyone will make about your life will be, “You were a person after God’s own heart.”

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

Saturday, May 16, 2015

“The Invitation”

You’ve been waiting for weeks. The days have dragged on for what has seemed like an eternity. The waiting and wondering have stolen your attention. You can think of nothing else. Then it comes. The invitation you’ve been counting on, dreaming about, even living for. Maybe it is an invitation to study at a certain university. Maybe it is an invitation to assume a new career. And maybe it is an invitation from a certain person with whom you have fallen in love. Whatever the invitation might be, when it comes, everything changes.

On the day of Pentecost things changed dramatically in the spiritual world. For century after century God had been planning, working and preparing for the arrival of Jesus Christ. Suddenly, he appeared in history – God in human flesh – and just as suddenly he ascended into heaven to appear to human eyes again only on Judgment Day. The work was done. The relationship God intended for humans was restored through the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Now all that was left was to invite people to receive what Christ had won. And that is where the day of Pentecost comes in.

When we hear the word “Pentecost” we tend to think of wind and fire, but it is really about an invitation – the invitation God offers every one of us to become part of his family, part of his eternity and part of his working in this world. What is most startling is that invitation comes through people – ordinary, everyday people like you and me. From today until the moment Christ returns, we have the opportunity – no – the privilege to offer the invitation of Pentecost to the people in our lives. If you have been sensing a certain dullness in your life as a Christian, Pentecost is the cure. Start sharing the invitation!

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

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