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Saturday, September 24, 2022

It’s Just Not a Good Idea to Mess with God


When it comes to taking on God toe to toe, not too many people rank ahead of the Pharaoh of Egypt during the time of Moses, about 1500 BC. Sure, he was the typical tyrannical ruler who did as he pleased to whomever he pleased, but what makes him stand out is he went 10 rounds with God, and he still didn’t give up on the idea that he could beat God at his own game. 

The account of God freeing the Israelite nation from slavery in Egypt, commonly called “The Exodus”, is a narrative full of drama and the supernatural. But above all, it is the timeless story of a human being telling God he is not needed. If anyone could say they visibly, tangibly experienced God acting in their lives, it had to be Pharaoh. From one predicted natural disaster to the next, Pharaoh would begin to soften towards God’s sovereign rule of his life, only to shut the Almighty down when life returned to a certain degree of normalcy.   

How different are people today? Not much! As long as life is good, we feel no need for God. When troubles come, we get mad at him for letting us suffer. We may begin to open to the idea that maybe we really do need him, but then the pain is relieved, and we go back to calling the shots of our lives. It’s like the guy who claimed that the proof God doesn’t exist or do anything in our lives is that you can curse and swear at him, call God joke and a fool, and not have anything happen. The same man who said that died of cancer a year after making those remarks. 

It shouldn’t take lightening bolts to get us to think seriously about messing with God. The absolutely consistent statistic that every human being who is born will die within 120 years at the most should get us to think more seriously about his role in our lives. Whether you are a religious person or not, the word “death” brings to mind some kind of judgment for if nothingness is the end result of physical death, all our hopes and dreams of having a purposeful, important life end. It just doesn’t make sense that life begins by chance, becomes meaningful while we are alive and then ends in oblivion when we die. The God hypothesis is much more likely. 

Join us for one of our worship services. Instead of messing with God like Pharaoh, receive the incredible invitation to join his family through Jesus Christ. 

Weekend worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm – Sunday: 10:00 am 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Have You Tried to Pull Yourself Up by the Bootstraps???


The meaning of the above phrase is generally regarded as “helping oneself without the aid of others”. Most often it is used to express the very healthy attitude that we should not depend on the charity of others when we ourselves are capable of meeting our personal needs and necessities. 

What complicates the message of the phrase is that unless things have changed in the last couple of hundred years, it is pretty difficult (impossible?) to actually pull oneself up by the bootstraps! The cartoon above illustrates the problem. So without in any way diminishing the importance of taking a healthy pride in providing for our personal life needs, it is important to admit that there are some areas in our lives where we cannot help ourselves. Ironically, it seems, those are exactly the facets of our lives over which we want control. The most glaring example of this is our relationship with God. 

Ask ten people, “Why do you think you are going to heaven?” and probably eight will say, “Because I’ve led a pretty good life.” Popular thinking is that when we die, we will present to God a list of all the good and kind things we’ve done during our earthly lives, and he will respond, “You’re good enough to go to heaven. Come on in!!!” That may be what a lot of people think, even people who identify themselves as Christians, but that is not what Jesus Christ or the writers of the Bible said. Quite to the contrary, Jesus taught that getting into a right relationship with God depends on God, not us! Our part is to believe, to trust. In fact, Jesus was downright brutal in his evaluation of our potential to save ourselves. He bluntly said, “You’re helpless. You need to be saved because you can’t save yourself.” That’s kind of offensive to the human spirit, but that’s what he said. 

If you aren’t really sure where you are at with God, join us for one of our weekend worship services. And before then, kick around these questions: 

How good is “good enough” to get into heaven?

What is my “good” score?

How do I keep score?

Do I have enough time to get to the “good enough” level? 

Weekend worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm – Sunday: 10:00 am

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