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Friday, April 21, 2017

Two Suicides and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Two men committed suicide this week. For as horrible as it is to say, many welcomed their deaths. Steve Stevens ended his life after shooting a 74 year old man. Stevens explanation for the execution was his rage over a broken romantic relationship. Aaron Hernandez, a former NFL star, hung himself in his prison cell. Hernandez was serving life in prison for first degree murder. Both men displayed such a contempt for the lives of other people that it seemed society heaved a collective sigh of relief at their deaths.

In the light of such human horror, the Easter message of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead seems impotent. What difference does it make in the face of this kind of human behavior? The simple, straightforward answer is: Everything! The tragedies caused by Stevens and Hernandez have been repeated throughout the centuries. They are terrible reminders of what we humans are capable of if left to ourselves.

But God has invaded our history to give us an alternative, an eternal alternative to senseless cruelties as those committed by Stevens and Hernandez. It could have been different for those two men. The power of the resurrection is that great. And that great power is available to you. Join us this Sunday as we continue to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It is THE life changer – for all of us.

Saturday evening worship: 6:00 pm
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Best and Most Important Four Days of the Year

Beginning tomorrow evening we will be offering a series of worship services which cover the heart and soul of Christianity. This is a time of year that reverberates with a call to grow spiritually. Holy Communion, the cross and ultimately the empty tomb distinguish Christianity from every other philosophy, ideology or religion. Please take a look at the descriptions of each service in the “Upcoming Events” section to the side and make the commitment to attend at least one. God bless your worship this Easter season!

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