Friday, December 15, 2023

Aliens, Miracles, and Christmas


Years ago, there was a fringe movement in the world of science which suggested that life was brought to the planet earth by some type of alien existence. At that time, this idea was brushed off as quasi-religious, even a bit ridiculous. Today, scientific opinion has changed radically. Faced with the seemingly insuperable obstacles of finding a way that life can naturally arise out of non-living materials, more and more people in the scientific community are embracing the alien theory. 

On the other hand, the concept of miracles remains an object of extreme skepticism for the 21st century cosmopolitan citizen. Some may accept that things do happen for which there isn’t a logical explanation, but the spectacular inexplicable events recorded in the past, well, they are just myths that uninformed people invented. 

It really is confusing as to why aliens are legitimate and miracles taboo. If we accept that there are events for which there is no natural explanation, why limit the character and quality of those events? Maybe the whole issue boils down to this: if God exists, then miracles – any miracle – is possible. The debate over the existence of God rages on. But whatever side a person finds themselves on, it is a matter of faith. 

The story of Christmas is full of miracles. In fact, Christianity itself is one big miracle, beginning with the most spectacular miracle of all – God becoming a human being. And what a joyful miracle it is. Consider the implications of Christmas: 

      Our lives are not the result of an unguided accident.

      We are not at the mercy of an unknown alien power.

      Our lives are not meaningless.

      Death is not the end.

      God is all powerful, involved in our lives and committed to our eternal good. 

If you’re skeptical about God, but still think there’s a pretty good chance that he’s out there, give yourself the opportunity to consider what that might mean. Give God the opportunity to do a miracle in you. That’s really what Christmas is all about! 

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