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Some might disagree, but the art of multi-tasking very well could be one of the most overrated concepts in the history of the human race. While we may feel as though attempting to accomplish several tasks at once is an efficient use of time, more often than not, we become so distracted that we’re not able to effectively complete any of the projects we set out to do. Even more serious is the tendency to leave out some important step or not be aware of a potential danger. Certainly, no one would want to be driving behind the man in the above photo. 

To say distractions can be dangerous is something of an understatement. How many lives have been lost because people just weren’t paying attention. It isn’t that they purposely brought about a tragedy, it’s that they took their eyes off what was most important. 

Spiritual distractions are subtle but often fatal. Well intentioned believers earnestly want to serve Christ each day, but those good intentions quickly end up being forgotten simply because we get so caught up in living our daily lives. Jesus repeatedly warned his followers about even good and healthy activities becoming bigger in our lives than they should be. One of the most challenging temptations we face is putting Christ ahead of those good things in our lives which so easily can crowd Jesus out of the first place in our hearts. 

Many years ago, a group of people struggled with putting God before other pressing concerns. God used a man named Haggai to write a little book about it. If you’re dealing with distraction on a daily basis, you might want to check out what Haggai has to say. 

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