Friday, July 21, 2023

Too Big to Fail


Like most novel terms, the saying “Too Big to Fail” can have various meanings, but for most it leaves the impression of a person or group of people who believe they are so important, so necessary that no matter what they do, someone is going to rescue them. It’s a term that is almost always linked to extreme pride. 

Only until recently pride was typically seen as a serious moral defect. Today, however, arrogance has been not only legitimized, it’s been glorified! The bigger, badder, meaner a person can be, the more reason to be proud. It’s a sign of strength to get in someone’s face and say, “I’m better than you and what are you going to do about it?” 

The irony about pride is that though we admire and seek it, we detest it in other people. That should be an indication our view of pride is warped and needs re-evaluation. As you can probably imagine, the Bible writers have a good deal to say about pride and it is very different from what we see and hear in our day-to-day lives. 

Near the end of the Old Testament, there is a short book, only one chapter, by a man named Obadiah. It’s all about a group of people who thought they were too big to fail. History bears out the fallacy of that thinking. Obadiah’s message is brief, to the point and extremely important – no one is “too big to fail” in their relationship with God. To get it right with Him, humility, not pride, is the key concept. If you don’t struggle with pride, check your pulse to see if you are alive. If you are, think about joining us this Sunday for a healthy examination of pride, people and God.

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