Friday, June 30, 2023

Wake-Up Call


Wake-up calls blindside us. We think we’ve got everything under control in our lives and then something happens making it very clear that we have some serious problems requiring very drastic and unpleasant changes. Wake-up calls are humiliating. They bring us to our knees. But after we’ve “woken up”, we’re grateful for them because without wake-up calls, we can be headed for destruction. 

It shouldn’t be surprising that God often uses wake-up calls to get our attention, but it is. We have been so programmed into seeing God as an old grandpa handing out free candy, that we have lost sight of the fact that sometimes He has to hurt us in order to heal us. It is for our good – it always is, but at the moment we usually resent those divine attention getters. 

There’s a dusty book in the Bible at the end of the Old Testament called Joel. If you have read it, you probably remember something about locusts! But the book of Joel is about a whole lot more than insects, it’s about God waking people up to what matters most. And that’s a subject we all need to take to heart. It’s easy to get so distracted from God in our day to day lives that we don’t even realize we’ve drifted far from him. Join us this Sunday for a wake-up call all of us need. 

Sunday Worship Time: 10:00 am

Hawaii Lutheran Church (WELS)

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Honolulu, HI
Community Lutheran Church holds protestant chapel services in Honolulu, Hawaii near Pearl Harbor, HI. We are next to the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hickam Air Force Base, and Fort Shafter Hawaii. Look for us directly behind the Salt Lake, Hawaii, Target.