Saturday, June 24, 2023

God’s Dangerous Love


There are those who express their disdain for the meek and mild Jesus. They believe he is like a stupefying drug which reduces humans to utter weakness, good for nothing more than being doormats for the strong who understand that life is all about survival of the fittest. 

On the other extreme are those critics of Christ who point to the Old Testament and paint God out as whimsically unpredictable, insecure, and violently angry. 

There is, however, a third alternative which Christians have been presenting for the last two thousand years. God is dangerous, but he is good. Goodness takes on many forms. We recognize that in our daily lives. Sometimes it is good to serve and put the needs of others first. Sometimes good is taking violent action to stop evil from overcoming good. For those who are serious about seeing life as it really is, goodness can be, at times, complicated. 

Does God need to be violent? If he never is, what will happen to the spread of evil? 

Does God need to be forgiving? If he never is, what will happen to you and me? 

Rather than pick and choose certain events in the Bible and create a God according to our own liking, it’s much wiser to see God as he has revealed himself throughout history. To try and make God into anything other than he is – well – that’s just plain dangerous. 

Join us this Sunday. Find out what a man named Hosea learned about these things. 

Sunday Worship Time: 10:00 am

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