Friday, April 28, 2023

Resurrection Second Chances


Second chances are very hard to come by. Sure, people might give us another opportunity to prove ourselves, but there are always the lingering suspicions: “Have they really changed? Did they learn their lesson or is this just a temporary thing and they’re going to hurt me again? Can I trust them?” Once those bridge burning words have been spoken, a fresh start toward a renewed relationship is rare, very rare. 

In his heart, Peter must have felt the same about his future with Jesus. Yes, he had seen Jesus several times since his resurrection, but something was missing. Peter needed to get past that awful night before Jesus’ death when in panic and fear he denied knowing Christ three times. Jesus had called Peter “the rock”, but that rock had crumbled. What would Jesus do with this shattered man? 

Jesus would give Peter a second chance, the freshest of all fresh starts. In a moving, yet gritty conversation on a beach, Jesus told Peter, “You blew it, but my forgiveness is bigger than your mistake. Start over. Get working on what matters. Follow me!” Jesus didn’t coddle Peter, but he did fully restore him to a position of great responsibility. He put Peter on the path to a meaningful and eternally significant life. It all began with a resurrection second chance. 

If you are in need of a second chance with Jesus, join us for one of our weekend worship services. He wants to give you a fresh start as much as he did Peter. 

Weekend worship service time: Saturday: 6:00 pm & Sunday: 10:00 am

Friday, April 21, 2023

Resurrection Priorities


Certain events have such a powerful impact that what we previously thought was so very important, suddenly becomes meaningless, while other things we ignored, we begin to cherish. The loss of a loved one or a prolonged illness has a way of changing our priorities. Those kinds of experiences alter our outlook on things, compelling us to make significant changes in our lifestyle. 

Without a doubt, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most dramatic and life-changing event in history. What it practically means to human beings is immeasurable! Jesus of Nazareth physically coming back to life after being crucified three days earlier confronts us with the following conclusions: 

·             God exists and we can know him.

·             Full forgiveness for real guilt is available.

·             Eternal life is a reality.

·             Jesus has done everything so that people can spend eternity in heaven.

Most of us are currently struggling with either one of three problems: 1) health issues, 2) relationship problems, 3) a shortage of money. There is no doubt, all three bring great stress to our lives, but when we stack them up against the powerful truths which result from the resurrection, we find they are not as intimidating as they seem. 

What we consider most important is going to define both our choices and the path our lives will take. Resurrection priorities offer us the direction we need, both now and forever, to lead a life worth living. Join us this weekend for one of our worship services. Let the priorities of Jesus’ resurrection change your life! 

Weekend worship service time: Saturday: 6:00 pm & Sunday: 10:00 am


Friday, April 14, 2023

Superstars Need Not Apply


We live in a superstar world. Everyone wants to be one. And if you can’t be a superstar, then you follow one. We have superstar entertainers and superstar athletes. Rich sports team owners pay hundreds of millions of dollars to stack their teams with superstars, believing such a group of elite athletes will surely bring victory. We all suffer, whether openly or secretly, from the superstar syndrome. 

But then we come to Jesus – yes, the same Jesus whose resurrection we celebrated last week. He’s different, he doesn’t care about superstars. He doesn’t curry their favor. He doesn’t show them favoritism. In a sense, he almost shows disdain for superstars. Nowhere is that made clearer than when he first made himself known to a human being after he physically came back to life! This first appearance would seem crucial. Get it right and the world would be at Jesus’ feet. But instead of appearing to someone with international renown and prestige, Jesus shows himself to a messed up woman whose credibility everyone questioned. 

It wasn’t to Caesar Augustus or Pontius Pilate or even Caiaphas the High Priest to whom Jesus appeared. No, he revealed himself to a woman named Mary Magdalene, a demon possessed individual he had cured some time earlier. Why? It seems like a waste of a huge opportunity! The “why?” is answered by Mary’s heart. She was the last one with Jesus, having witnessed his crucifixion and burial. She was the first one to the tomb. Mary didn’t have anything to offer Jesus and she knew it. She needed him, she needed him desperately. And that is exactly why Jesus appeared to Mary first. Jesus doesn’t care about reputations. He cares about hearts. And that is the best news for most of us average people who will never be stars much less superstars. 

If you are looking to lead an extraordinary life but don’t have the talent or ability of a superstar, join us for one of our weekend services. Jesus is THE Superstar. You don’t need anything or anyone else but him. 

Weekend worship service time: Saturday: 6:00 pm & Sunday: 10:00 am

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Easter – The Best Day Ever!


Is Easter the best day ever? Isn’t that a bit of an overstatement? Well, consider all the different stressors in your life. If Jesus did physically rise from the dead, how important are those problems which seem so overwhelming at the moment? Now I’m not trying to minimize your challenges but think about how the resurrection of Jesus Christ impacts the problems of human life. 

·       What are all the bills you have to pay going to mean the day Jesus raises you to eternal  life with him?

·       How important, as you enter heaven, will it be that the kids got to all their sports practices?

·       Your job with all the responsibilities you have, will it still be stressing you out as Jesus  says, “Welcome home!”

·        Even the real tough stuff like cancer is no match for Easter. Jesus rising from the dead          overwhelms any disease because he says that his resurrection guarantees us that in  heaven there will be no more pain or disease.

·       And the hole in your heart that’s there because the one you so dearly love is no longer with you, Easter Sunday means the separation is only temporary, very temporary.

Easter is the best day ever because it changes everything. Human beings go from meaningless chemical containers who lead empty, unimportant lives to people made to love and be loved for eternity, whose every day has eternal significance no matter how insignificant we may seem to be. Experience all the best of the best day ever! 

Weekend worship service time: Sunday: 10:00 am

(This week only the Saturday evening service is cancelled.)

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