Saturday, November 5, 2022



Not too hard to determine from the photo above who is successful. Isn’t celebrating a touchdown in front of 100,000 adoring fans the epitome of success? Absolutely – from a human point of view. Which leads to the question, “Is there any other point of view when it comes to success?” Actually, there is. Reading through the Bible we find that the way success is defined in the lives of believers is completely different. Apparently, God is not all that concerned with status, finances, or talent. Instead, we see a much different standard for success, one which involves trust, obedience, and faithfulness. That kind of definition for success certainly opens up the possibility for accomplishment to a far greater number of people. 

An inspiring example of God success is found in two books of the Bible people rarely read – Ezra and Nehemiah. These two men were key leaders in the return of the Jewish people to their homeland after 70 years of political exile in Babylon. The story isn’t particularly exciting. Both books are filled with a number of dry facts which most readers are tempted to overlook. There are no epic battles or emotional speeches. Really, it’s the story of a rag tag group of people who don’t have much going for them except an unshakeable belief that it was God’s will for them to rebuild their Temple and nation. What is inspiring is that their story can be our story. 

Each one of us struggles in some area of our lives. We work so hard to do what we believe is God’s will but see little progress. Our seeming lack of visible success leads to discouragement, even depression. The account of the Israelites’ return to rebuild their annihilated country with unimpressive results, encourages us today that success for those who serve God happens everyday in events which are small and great, and every type of event in between. Success is in his hands, he only looks to his followers to faithfully do the tasks he gives to us. 

Looking at success from God’s perspective, you might well be far more successful than you ever imagined. 

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