Saturday, May 28, 2022

Loose Ends Living


It is very stressful to live with ongoing uncertainty. When we aren’t sure how important situations in our lives are going to turn out, we say we have “loose ends to tie up”. We’ve even developed a new term to describe tying up those loose ends – closure. We talk about getting closure when something tragic happens in our lives such as a death in the family or a major disappointment. Closure is the process of coming to grips with the way things are, accepting that new reality and then moving forward. Sometimes closure brings peace. Sometimes it leaves us unsatisfied. 

For many people, there are a lot of loose ends in their relationship with God. They have questions about his involvement in their lives on a daily basis, whether he really makes a difference and if it’s worth the time and effort to develop a relationship with him. The Ascension of Jesus which took place 40 days after his resurrection ties up those spiritual loose ends and provides for us the closure we need to be certain of God’s commitment to us and the benefit of vigorously pursuing a deeper friendship with him. 

Jesus ascending into heaven tends to be considered a footnote in the life of Christ when compared to his birth, crucifixion, and resurrection. But it is the Ascension which confirms three massive truths on which we Christians build our lives: 1) There is an end goal to human history and God is behind it; 2) We can be sure that divine forgiveness is real, valid, and available to all people; 3) There is a divine purpose and plan for each of our lives. 

Join us for one of our weekend services and start tying up some of those important loose ends in your life! 

Weekend worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm – Sunday: 10:00 am

Friday, May 20, 2022

A Portrait of Pride: The Human Disaster


Money has gotten a bad rap over the years due to a mistranslation of a Bible passage. The King James Version of 1 Timothy 6:10 says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” While greed has led a great deal of people away from God, it is not the singular cause of all sin. That distinction goes to the self-centered attitude of pride. Pride was the motivating factor in the first sin, and it has been part of every act of disobedience toward God since. 

We usually think of a prideful person as someone who considers themself better than other people. That’s just a symptom of something far more serious. Self-centered pride in its most basic form is the conviction that we know better than even God himself. When you think of it in those terms, isn’t that really at the heart of what is called sin and evil? We believe we know what is best and so we set God aside and take jurisdiction of our lives. 

Given how temporary human life is and then add to that the limited ability we have to manipulate much of what happens during the years we spend on this earth, it does seem rather presumptuous to tell God to step aside and hand over the reins. Even worse are the disastrous consequences of playing God. It just doesn’t work. He didn’t create us for that. 

Join us for one of our weekend services. You might just find that giving up control is exactly what brings your life under control! 

Weekend worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm – Sunday: 10:00 am

Friday, May 13, 2022

Is Our Compass Broken?


Over the last several weeks the major news event has been the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft decision which could change abortion laws. Protests from the pro-abortion side have been vigorous and vehement. Because the majority of news networks favor abortion on demand, many interviews and articles have been aired with the intent of persuading people to the pro-choice side. Some of the arguments presented can seem daunting and Christians need to think clearly regarding this hot-button issue. 

Abortion choice advocates say that ending the life of the unborn child is a personal, private matter that should not be restricted in any way and that pro-lifers should not impose their views on others. 

Pro-life Christians argue that the unborn are distinct, living, and whole human beings. There is no relevant difference between the embryo we once were and the adults we are today that justifies killing us at that earlier stage of development. Differences of size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency are not good reasons for saying a person could be killed then but not now. 

Above all, the Bible very clearly teaches that the unborn are one of us, uniquely created by our Creator. 

And that is really what the abortion issue is about: Is the unborn one of us? 

Nevertheless, many people want it both ways. They condemn abortion with words but want it to be legally available. They say things like, “I personally oppose abortion, but don’t want to impose my beliefs on others who disagree.” 

The obvious question is, “Why do you personally oppose abortion?” If abortion does not intentionally kill an innocent human being, why be opposed at all? 

Imagine if a person said, “I personally oppose spousal abuse, but I won’t impose my personal beliefs on you. After all, your moral beliefs are just as valid as my own.” If someone said that, you would not say they were neutral. You’d say their moral compass was broken.

Either a person believes that each and every human being has an equal right to life, or they don’t. Such statements make us feel uncomfortable. By taking a position, we fear offending other people and even worse, losing friendships. But Jesus made those kinds of statements on a regular basis, forcing his listeners to take a stand based on their relationship with him. 

Jesus said that our reason for life is to represent him in this world, to be light and salt to his glory. It would be very difficult to carry out that mission without thinking deeply on one of the single most controversial moral topics of our generation. Join us for one of our weekend services for a biblical and practical study of abortion from a Christian and biblical perspective. 

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Friday, May 6, 2022


While it may be considered politically incorrect to say it, we do live in confusing times. We’re confused about what it means to be a human being. We’re confused about what defines male and female. We’re confused about whose life matters and whose doesn’t. We’re confused about what makes up a family. It seems our culture is living in a perpetual state of James Dean perplexity who profoundly expressed his innermost feelings in the film Rebel Without a Cause with the words, “I am so confused.” 

Our confusion is more than just a feeling of frustration. It influences every area of our lives – including how and why we celebrate Mother’s Day. How important are mothers? Aren’t children molded most by their digital experiences and colleagues at school? Who is mother? Is being a mother all about the biology of giving birth or is it just about the relationship? Can a man be a mother in a figurative sense? Some even question the necessity of the concept of the traditional family. Studies are referenced which indicate children thrive better in government funded settings! So, do we need moms and dads? 

Before we give up on Mother’s Day, let’s go back to the resurrection which we celebrated only a few weeks ago. At first glance we might think there is little connection between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the commemoration of Mother’s Day in 2022. That would, to say the least, be a mistake. We often say, “Easter changes everything.” And that is true. Christ physically coming back to life means he is God, he did pay for our sins and eternal life is a reality, not a pie in the sky wish. It also means what he said about our relationships with people and especially family is true. We can have certainty in the midst of the current confusion. And that’s some very good news. 

Join us this weekend for one of our worship services. Living in confusion doesn’t have to be the only alternative. Let the resurrection give you some solid certainty of what matters most. And yes, your mom and your family matter big time! 

Weekend worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm – Sunday: 10:00 am 

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