Friday, April 29, 2022

The Message Is the Mission


It is one of those intimidating moments, hearing someone shout, “I don’t care what you do, just get it done!” What’s so unnerving about that kind of command is that you know whatever has to be done, isn’t going to happen easily. And to make matters worse, you won’t be given any direction, guidance, or help. It’s all on your shoulders! That is not a pleasant situation to be in. 

After his resurrection, Jesus Christ gave his followers a mission – one that continues to be valid to this day. He said, “Go and gather disciples from all nations by baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and by teaching them to keep all the instructions I have given you.” A tall order, to say the least. But Jesus didn’t walk away yelling, “Just figure it out and get it done.” Instead, he gave those first disciples not only the life-altering message of his death and resurrection but also promised that both he and the Holy Spirit would be with them in carrying out this task. A supernatural message with supernatural support. Now that’s a mission to be part of. 

Jesus once said, “The field is ripe, but the harvesters are few.” He was saying that there are a whole lot of hurting people in the world needing what only he offers. The tragedy is, so many of us Christians are hesitant to give those people what they so desperately need. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you automatically are part of his mission. Whether it’s easy or difficult for you to talk about your faith in Christ, you are part of his plan to bring other people back into his family. That mission is of the greatest importance, and it brings the greatest of blessings! Join us for one of our weekend worship services. Be a part of the mission! 

Weekend worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm – Sunday: 10:00 am

Hawaii Lutheran Church (WELS)

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Community Lutheran Church holds protestant chapel services in Honolulu, Hawaii near Pearl Harbor, HI. We are next to the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hickam Air Force Base, and Fort Shafter Hawaii. Look for us directly behind the Salt Lake, Hawaii, Target.