Friday, April 22, 2022

Cool! But What Does It Mean?

Easter Sunday is always so positive! The hymns are upbeat. The church is beautiful. Everyone greets each other with, “He is risen!” To which we reply, “He is risen indeed!” Wouldn’t it be great if every Sunday was like that? Now that is a good question. An even better question is, “Why don’t we celebrate Easter everyday of our lives?” 

Maybe the problem is, we really don’t understand the message of the resurrection. Sure, we all get it that Jesus was dead and three days later he was alive. We acknowledge that the most incredible miracle of all time had taken place. But maybe we are more like the honest Christian who said, “I believe Jesus rose from the dead, I just don’t understand what it means to me,” than we would like to admit. Don’t roll your eyes in amazement that a person calling themself a Christian could say something like that. How would you respond if someone were to ask, “Tell me how the resurrection of Jesus makes a difference in your day-to-day life?” 

Apparently, the disciples had a problem grasping the full sense of what it meant for Jesus to be alive after his crucifixion. On Easter Day, at least two times, we’re told that Jesus had to “open the minds of his disciples” about what they were witnessing. The resurrection is about so much more than just the eye-popping fact that Jesus reversed the natural laws of death and decomposition. Whether we are confused about our reason for being alive or depressed about the way our life is going or we’re terrified about the prospect of growing old and dying, the resurrection fundamentally transforms our understanding of all the difficult issues in life with which we struggle. The message is as important as the miracle. 

If the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ hasn’t been unleashed in your life, join us for one of our worship services. Whether it sounds like a cliché or not, it’s true, the resurrection changes everything!     

Weekend worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm – Sunday: 10:00 am 

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