Friday, December 17, 2021

Give Peace a Chance


Most people throughout the world would love to give peace a chance. The complicating question is: ”Peace at what cost?” Every war in history could have been avoided, but each situation would have required that one nation or the other, or both, would have had to give up something to maintain the peace. And that was unacceptable. It’s easy to talk about peace. It is very difficult not only to make peace, but also to maintain it. 

And yet, the solution for the peace famine we see in our world is not complicated. It is extremely hard because it always involves people having to let go of something they want very much or having to do something they very much don’t want to do. As individuals and groups, human beings love to tell others what to do and detest being given orders by someone else. And so, we are a planet at war. 

Many believe that Christmas should be a time which promotes peace. But that so often doesn’t happen because their understanding of peace is that other people just have to try a little bit harder to get along and then everybody will live in harmony, each person getting what they want. The problem inside each one of us, however, requires a solution which is much deeper and more serious than just a general encouragement to try a little harder. 

At its core, the message of Christmas is shocking – God comes to live among human beings. It is so mind boggling that if we comprehend only a fraction of what it means, our lives are compelled to change. God with us! You can’t believe that and stay the same. It also means that if our problem with peace requires God himself to fix it, that problem is God-sized and we’re not going to find peace apart from him. 

The angels said to the shepherds, “Peace on earth.” Peace is what Jesus came to bring, a peace which is deeper, stronger, and longer lasting than any kind of peace we could bring about. If you’re looking for peace in your life, join us for one of our weekend services. Jesus is the best way to give peace a chance. 

Worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am.

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