Friday, October 16, 2020

When Something “Too Good To Be True” Is True


Everything seemed to magically fall into place. It wasn’t expected, even considered, but there it was, the opportunity of a lifetime and all you had to do was take it. But something strange came into your mind. “How could this just happen to me? Why me?” Those nagging questions led to one more, “Is this too good to be true?”

 Most of us have had experiences such as the one described above, only to learn the hard way that what we thought was so good, in fact wasn’t. One person has said, “Most of the big problems in my life started with the words, ‘It’s too good to be true.’” It seems that only in fairy tales do people actually have things “too good to be true” turn out well. It may be for that very reason some have such a difficulty believing the offer Jesus Christ makes to them. It could be the “faith” part, that all you can do is just believe.

Just believe and it is yours: a life of meaning, value, purpose, forgiveness and eternity. Is there a catch? Is it an illusion? Is it a cruel hoax to trick gullible human beings? One side of us agrees with the cynical observation that there is no such thing as a “free lunch” in life. A person always has to pay their part.

About 2000 years ago a man by the name of Paul of Tarsus said, “You can live with cynicism, believing you have to do your part in everything, including your relationship with God. But know this, you are going to die with that cynicism.” There is a better way and Jesus Christ offers it to you. If it seems that receiving eternal life in heaven through faith in Jesus is too good to be true, think of it another way – it’s the only way he could let you have it.

There are some critical areas in our lives which are beyond our capacity to control. We can’t stop the aging process, nor can we do anything about the inevitability of death. When it comes to life after death, wouldn’t it be the same? Where do we get the idea we can tell God what the entrance requirements are for eternal life? Instead, let’s take a huge breath of humility and then open our hearts to the forgiveness Jesus offers us, because he is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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