Friday, June 26, 2020

God's Will or My Will?

Sometimes God’s will seems so mysterious. We wonder what he is doing. We’re at a loss as to how he might be accomplishing anything in our lives which could be remotely called good. While there certainly are times when God’s ways don’t make sense, more often than not, the mystery of God’s will is rooted in our ongoing battle with him to impose our will on him. Our confusion is not so much about why God is doing things the way he is but rather why he isn’t doing them the way we think he should!

The great mystery of God’s will is often resolved by realizing that what God wants for our lives very often is completely different from what we desire. If you feel that God is leaving you in the dark in regard to the direction your life is taking, join us for one of our weekend services. You might find God’s GPS, the Bible, will lay out a path for your life you never imagined.

New worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm; Sunday: 9:00 am & 10:30 am.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Who’s the Boss?

Usually that is a pretty easy question to answer? But what if someone asked you, “Who’s the Boss of your life?” That would probably leave most of us grasping for an answer. We are so busy living our lives we usually don’t think of things like that. And yet, it is a pretty important question. “Who or what drives you to live as you do?”

 Everyone has a Boss, whether or not we can identify who or what that is. There is someone or something which has the leading influence over all our decisions, plans, actions and conversation. Thinking about it that way, there is no more important question in life than, “Who’s the Boss.”

Jesus Christ was explicitly unequivocal in claiming to be the Boss of each one of our lives. In fact, when he taught his disciples how to pray, the second thing he said they should ask for on a daily basis was that he would be the Boss of their lives. Jesus said his followers were to pray, “Your kingdom come.” What he was saying was, “Let me be the King/Boss of your life, bringing you into my kingdom/family through the forgiveness of sins and then I will rule in your life as your loving Lord, molding you into the person I created you to be.”

Some people chaff at the thought of not being able to be their own boss. But when you know who Jesus is, what he did for us and what he wants for every living person, would you really want to be your own boss? Doesn’t the thought seem ridiculously childish when we think of our embarrassing limitations when it comes to how much control we actually have over what happens as we live and when we die?

If you are interested in some life leadership change, join us for one of our worship services this weekend. You might be surprised what you find!

New worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm; Sunday: 9:00 am & 10:30 am.

Friday, June 12, 2020

You’ve got to admit, if you saw the rock pictured in the photo laying on the ground, you’d probably pick it up. There would be a “it’s too good to be true” hope you had found a valuable piece of gold. Later on, unfortunately, you would discover your gem was only pyrite, which is commonly called Fools’ Gold. Pyrite is deceptive. It certainly does look like the real thing. The problem is, it isn’t.

We chase after all sorts of things in life which we think are important. But they are pyrite priorities. We’re all familiar with them: money, power, pleasure and status. Every day we get blasted with their appeals as we stare at our screens. Yet, as with pyrite, our culture’s neon gods aren’t the real thing, they are fakes. They cannot satisfy even at the present and have no meaning whatsoever in eternity.

The most valuable thing you can have in life is to be called a child of God. And that is why the most important thing you can ask for in prayer is that you honor as most precious God’s name. And that is exactly what we ask for each time we say in the Lord’s Prayer “Hallowed be your Name.”

If you are looking for the real thing instead of just flashy counterfeits, join us for one of our worship services this weekend as we study the words “Hallowed be your Name” from the Lord’s Prayer.

New worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm; Sunday: 9:00 am & 10:30 am.

Friday, June 5, 2020

News outlets have run several reports that people have begun to pray much more regularly since the Covid-19 virus broke out. There could be many reasons for this happening. When people are scared and uncertain about the future, prayer tends to calm their fears. For others, prayer brings a sense of peace, the feeling that everything is going to be okay in the end. And, for some, prayer is a way to vent, to get their frustrations out in a way they feel is helpful. Those are all good and valid reasons to pray, but they aren’t the most important. 

The power of prayer is found in the first words of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father”. The God who created the heavens and earth, the One who holds the universe together, is the same Lord who tells us he knows and cares about us so personally that he even has the hairs of our head counted! He is the God who refused to hold back anything to win us back to his family. And it is our Father who invites us to pray with the confidence that he not only hears our prayers but uses his perfect wisdom, power and love to answer us in the way which benefits us most for all of eternity. If you are questioning whether it is worth it or not to pray, join us for one of our weekend services. The more you know about our Father, the more you’ll want to pray. 

New worship service times: Saturday: 6:00 pm; Sunday: 9:00 am & 10:30 am.

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