Friday, January 10, 2020

Most people want God to be a part of their lives…as long as what he says and does agrees with their way of thinking. In recent years many people have expressed the idea that much of what the Bible says about God no longer applies to people living in the year 2020. The idea that God does not approve of certain types of behavior or is holy and just or even refuses to be adapted over the centuries to become more culturally acceptable, is repugnant to them. One particularly offensive teaching of the Bible is what Christians have called the Trinity. It means that God has revealed himself to human beings as One God, but in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Of course, the primary objection is, such a concept as the Trinity doesn’t make sense to human beings and therefore can’t be true. Christians have never claimed that it does make sense. But one must ask, does God depend on human beings to define who he is or does God define himself? Maybe the best answer to that question is another question, “Do you really want to put your eternal destiny in a god you yourself invented.”

The God who is, who has always existed and always will, refuses to be changed or tweaked by the people he himself created. It almost seems very logical that the infinite, all powerful, holy God would describe himself in ways beyond our human understanding.

The main reason, however, Christians gladly believe and hold sacred the teaching of the Trinity is what it means to our daily lives. We’re not in the dark about who God is or what he has done for us. Death is no longer the end of our existence and life after death is something to which we look forward. Let God be God and thank him for being exactly as he is!

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