Friday, November 1, 2019

How Much Is a Human Life Worth?

Sounds like a line from an action movie. The truth is, however, the value of a life is very much an everyday topic in our conversations and political debates. A pregnant woman asks, “Should I keep the baby?” A depressed elderly man wonders, “What is my reason for going on?” Medical experts decide who will receive vital medical services and who will not. Charities must make gut-wrenching decisions of where to send aid.

How much is a life worth? Depends on the person with whom you are speaking. One social commentator openly admits, “all human life does not have the same value”.1 An ethics professor from Princeton states that newborn babies should not have the same rights as adults.2 We live in an age of utilitarian psychology which preaches that right and wrong are based on what brings the greatest amount of happiness to the greatest number of people. We’re told not to ask the inconvenient question, “What happens to those in the minority?”

People want relevancy. They want to know how things make a difference in their lives. Often, they equate God with just the opposite – idealistic notions which have nothing to do with day to day living. Nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to determining the value of a human life. The moment we take that responsibility away from the One who deserves it and place it into the hands of other human beings, we open the way to the annihilation of millions as we witnessed in the last century. As some have put it, “Without God we are only chemical machines.” That’s a scary thought because when machines no longer serve the purpose of their owner, they are thrown on the trash heap.

You are more than a machine and your life has an inestimable value. Join us this weekend for one of our services to find out why.

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