Friday, October 11, 2019


Who comes to mind when you hear the names: George, Abraham, and Michael?

Your answer would definitely be influenced by your age and where you where brought up, but there is probably a good chance that when you read George you thought of a guy with a white wig and blue uniform with the last name Washington. As for Abraham, did a soulful, sad, bearded man come to mind as you remembered Abraham Lincoln? If you are a musical person, the name Michael would have led you to picture Michael Jackson in your mind. If you’re into sports, you saw Michael Jordan soaring through the air with a basketball.

Names mean a lot not only to the one who holds the name but also to other people. We identify others by their names, it is our way of visualizing the individual.

And what about the name – God? What comes to mind when you hear it? Do you feel fear, love, resentment or even apathy? What do you imagine: a bully, a dictator, a father or a Savior? How do you use God’s name? To express anger, ridicule, praise or worship?

Here’s an interesting question: why are the names “God” and “Jesus Christ” the only proper names we use to express extreme anger and frustration? What are we trying to say? Are we blaming God for the situation? Why does cursing with God’s name pack such a powerful punch among us humans?

When you share your name with another person, most probably, you want to get to know them; you are interested in learning more about them and you want them to get to know you. Have you ever thought God has told us his name(s) for the very same reason?

If the only way you know how to use the name of God is when you’re angry, you are selling yourself way short. The name of God can transform your life. Why not join us for one of our weekend services to find out how?

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