Friday, October 25, 2019

Life Minus Authority = Chaos

No one likes the thought of having another human being as a supervisor or manager. If we have difficulty accepting God’s ruling role in our lives, how much less we willingly submit to a fellow member of our race! However, the sociological formula above is true, if there are no structures of authority in life such as parents, law enforcement agencies, and governments, we would be living in total chaos with everyone doing exactly what he or she wanted with little or no regard for how their behavior affected others.

In the last seven of the 10 commandments, God establishes laws and institutions which make human life in large groups possible. This weekend we’re going to be studying the fourth commandment – Honor your father and mother. It seems that God is talking to us about the family, but this commandment goes much deeper than that. As we dig into Biblical truths we find that God has established various authorities which are designed to be tremendous blessings in our lives.

While there are times, as children, we resent our parents, in most cases, when we get a little older we are profoundly grateful for the loving discipline with which they molded our lives. We might complain a lot about the government, but imagine if we had a different type of government? Worse yet, what would our lives be like if there were no government at all? Try to picture your daily life in such a scenario. It would be chaos.

God’s commandments are just that – commandments to be obeyed. But far from being a miserable burden we must carry through life, they open the door to incredible benefits which God has designed for us. Join us for one of our weekend worship services and open God’s door to blessings in your life.

Saturday evening worship: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning worship: 10:00 am

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