Friday, July 5, 2019

Belief Matters

While there are some people who disdain the concept of beliefs, saying that the only principles which can be trusted are those that are demonstrated and replicated in a science laboratory, the issues which cause the most conflict among us are all based on beliefs. Whether people are discussing immigration, the legalization of marijuana, abortion, LGBTQ rights, end of life issues and many others, peoples’ concept of right and wrong are based on beliefs. And they feel very strongly about their beliefs, stating they are right and people who disagree with them are wrong.

When there is division over right and wrong, it could be that everyone is wrong, but there is very little chance everyone can be right. And that fact should motivate us to think seriously about our beliefs in regard to right and wrong.

Two thousand years ago an old man named John wrote a short letter to some Christians he knew very well. This John had been a follower of Jesus Christ and had personally seen Jesus many times after his resurrection from the dead. In this letter John explains why belief matters, especially when it comes to right and wrong.

If you find yourself confused by the information you’re getting about the current controversies of our day and are wondering if there actually is a right and a wrong, join us for one of our weekend services. Things just might clear up if we go beyond ourselves and our limitations to find a solid foundation on which to base our beliefs. Reading John’s letter gives us that opportunity!

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