Friday, May 24, 2019

“What’s the Point?”

What does it take to get you to throw up your arms in frustration and shout, “What’s the point?”

We all have our limits. Things don’t go the way we want, and it seems that no matter how hard we try, our circumstances don’t get better. Maybe it’s a person we’re trying to get along with. Maybe it’s a financial situation that never seems to improve. And maybe it is just life in general. What’s the point of life? Now that is an important question.

This weekend we’re going to be studying the events of the first Pentecost which took place 10 days after Jesus ascended into heaven, removing himself visibly from the presence of his disciples. He had told his followers that it was actually better for them that he leave so that the Holy Spirit would come to them in a more powerful way. The disciples were probably more than a little skeptical about that promise until the day of Pentecost.

While we often think of Pentecost as little flames of fire over the disciples’ heads and their ability to speak in languages they had never studied, the real significance of that incredible day was the message which the apostle Peter preached to the people who were gathered around. He told them the point of life is to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior – nothing else comes close to that one priority. It’s a challenging statement which Peter backed up with his eyewitness claim of having seen Jesus alive after his crucifixion.

What’s the point of your life? According to Jesus Christ, it is to know him in a personal way as your Creator, Savior and Lord. If you’re interested in what that looks like in a practical way, join us for our Sunday morning service.

Sunday morning worship: 10:00 am

Hawaii Lutheran Church (WELS)

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