Friday, March 15, 2019

God’s Take on Greatness

The disciples of Jesus get a lot of unfair criticism over their constant debates about which one of them was the greatest. It’s not that their obsession to be considered the best was pretty childlike, it’s because we all are just like Peter, John and the others. From little on we dream of greatness, of appearing on TV or having people ask for our autograph. As adults, we still find ourselves fantasizing in a Walter Mitty world of greatness. We want to be acknowledged and valued. To be honest, we all secretly or openly want to be the greatest…just like those disciples of Jesus.

Jesus Christ was, is and always will be The Greatest. But his concept of greatness is so tremendously different from our thinking. Our desire for greatness is selfish and pride driven, it serves primarily us. The greatness of Jesus is all about the good of other people. His greatness accomplished the liberation of the human race from all which makes us miserable. Christ’s greatness comes from serving, ours comes from asserting.

On the night before his crucifixion, Jesus’ disciples were still arguing over which one of them was the greatest. In a shocking reversal of roles, Jesus gets down on his knees and begins to wash each man’s feet in a vivid lesson of what true greatness is – serving.

It’s no secret that God’s take on greatness isn’t too popular. It never has been. And that is one reason human history is drenched in the blood of war. And it has to be that way. No one will ever submit to the greatness of another without the use of force. That is, unless it is the greatness of Christ.

The mystery of God is that he never forces anyone to acknowledge the truth about his greatness – he only invites. And his invitation comes to each one of us personally through his Son Jesus Christ who says, “I have come so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” John 10:10 Message Bible

Is it time to reconsider what greatness means to you? Join us for one of our weekend services. You might find the greatness God offers is exactly what you’re needing.

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