Friday, February 9, 2018

The Jesus of Surprises

One thing a person notices about Jesus is that he just isn’t predictable. That is especially true in the way he dealt with the religious leaders of his day. We would think that these would have been the people he related to, went to for support and encouragement. But instead, they were the ones Jesus most severely condemned. What he told them is that while they may have seen themselves as religious, they were not doing what God wanted. In fact, they were messing with God by changing what he had told them in the Old Testament to fit their idea of religion.

But Jesus wasn’t interested in religion. He was looking for disciples, men and women humble enough to receive him as their Savior and Lord. The religious leaders wanted just the opposite. They developed a system of rules and regulations designed more to make them feel good about themselves rather than know and experience the living God.

Unfortunately, the temptation to mess with God hasn’t gone away over the years. Sure, we can read about the mistakes of the religious leaders of Jesus’ day and see where they went wrong, but the temptation to twist and distort clear teachings of the Bible to fit our way of looking at things is still very strong. It really is about letting God be God instead of making God fit our ideas of what he should be like.

Some Christians feel God isn’t doing much in their life. It may be because they’ve limited his power to work in them due to a warped understanding of who he is and what he intends to do in our lives. Join us for one of our weekend services. While you might be surprised at what Jesus says and does, you will definitely be challenged by him to grow in your relationship with him.

Saturday evening worship: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning worship: 10:00 am

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