Friday, May 26, 2017

What to Do with Your Life

The season for graduation is coming to a close this weekend leaving millions of young people during the long Memorial Day weekend to consider the unnerving question, “Now that I’ve graduated, what am I going to do with my life?” Some have a pretty good idea of the direction they intend to take their lives, while others feel clueless. Regardless of where they are at in their planning process, however, every young person wants to have a life of significant value. We all do.

But how does a person measure a significant life? Is it based on how much money we earn? What people think of us? Our personal self-fulfillment? A combination of all of these?

Jesus Christ had a few words to say about the significant life the last time he was visibly present among his disciples. He basically told them: “Be my witnesses wherever you go, whatever you are doing.”

Jesus had a lot to say about money, achievement and fulfillment, but it was always in the light of eternity and who he claims to be. It’s not that he didn’t give these things importance, he just insisted that each one be kept in its proper place in our daily lives.

What about you? Regardless of your age, have you asked the question recently, “What am I doing with my life?” If the answer you come up with is all about things that have a life span of 10-50 years, maybe it would be good to look into something more long term – like being a witness for Christ.

Join us for one of our worship services. You might find you’ll enjoy the long weekend a whole lot more.

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