Friday, May 12, 2017

Good Feelings or Glue?

Good feelings or glue? Sounds like a strange title for an article about Mother’s Day. But if we accept Mother’s Day is so much more than just a sentimental day to superficially say “thanks” to mom, if we see Mother’s Day as a time to examine what a benefit and blessing family is to the human race, then yes, the question “Good feelings or glue?” is very relevant.

In our present moment in history, many are lamenting the state of the family. It seems like in many ways we are redefining what the word means. Much of that has to do with the fact that for many, good feelings are the foundation of the family. If everybody in the family feels good about each other and themselves, then the family stays together. If those good feelings dissipate, suddenly the family disintegrates, each person going his own way in search of good feelings.

The Christian view of family is much different – it is all about glue, the glue of commitment. If people are committed to each other, good feelings can take a back seat in importance enabling the members of a family to achieve incredible accomplishments despite horrendous obstacles. Commitment holds people together in the tough times which is the basis of the profound relationships we human beings were made for.

While every mother is an imperfect human being, there is no doubt that in the human race a mother’s commitment to her children is a universal icon of what we most admire about commitment. And that is why we need to celebrate Mother’s Day. Yes – absolutely – we need to give our moms some long overdue gratitude. But more importantly we all, as Christians, need to reevaluate the role of commitment in our relationships.

And you know the interesting thing about it all is that the more glue you have in your family, the more good feelings you will have.

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