Friday, March 10, 2017

The Trust Factor

“Who do you trust?”

That is a question many people are having a difficult time answering these days. In both personal and public relationships, people feel their trust has been broken, that they’ve been manipulated and used by people of whom they believed were out for their best.

It could be that in some cases people expected more from others than a human being could possibly provide. However, the general observation that faithfulness to other people is not the virtue it once was seems to have some truth to it. Because people have placed personal happiness as their main goal in life, being true to someone else at the expense of their own well-being has been relegated to a low-level priority. The result being, trust between people is broken rather easily.

In the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, we see all sorts of broken trust, especially in regard to Jesus’ very own followers. While they wanted to be loyal and faithful, when things got sketchy, they bailed on Jesus and abandoned him in order to save their own skins. But Jesus is an incredible contrast to his disciples! He remains rigorously faithful to the end. During his ministry he spoke again and again about the necessity of his death and resurrection. In fact, he claimed it was the reason for his coming to this earth. Faithful to his words, faithful to the disciples, faithful to the human race, Jesus Christ walked unwaveringly to the cross. The lesson for us? We’ll never get trust right with other people until we put our full trust for today and eternity in Jesus Christ. He is where the subjects of faithfulness and trust begin and end.

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