Friday, January 13, 2017

The Lines in the Sand of Our Times

Drawing a line in the sand means a person takes a stand on a certain issue which communicates something to the effect of, “I cannot compromise after this point.” Drawing a line in the sand is sometimes seen as a bold and courageous action; at other times it is interpreted as being intolerant and unloving.

At the present moment our country is torn apart over controversial moral questions such as abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and transgender. Christians have been described as narrow minded, intolerant and uncaring because of our attitudes in regards to these issues. Some have even suggested that Christianity will soon die out if it does not readjust its view on these moral subjects.

So what do we do? Do we compromise what Jesus Christ and the Bible clearly teach in order to become more acceptable in the eyes of our society? Or, must we courageously draw a line in the sand and, speaking the truth in love, present our truth to the confused culture in which we live?

What would Jesus do? What did Jesus do? He engaged with people. He never compromised his teachings, but he reached out to people with one goal, to bring them to faith in him. Above all, Christ died for them, just as he died for you and me. Knowing how much Christ values each human life, even the lives of those living in radical and challenging disobedience, we are compelled to reach out to them with the truth of Christ.

If you’re confused about the Christian reaction to the changing moral values of our day, join us this weekend for one of our services. See how you can draw a line in the sand which may seem controversial, but is actually the greatest act of love.

Saturday evening worship: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning worship: 10:00 am

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