Saturday, November 19, 2016

“If There’s a Reason…”

Human beings are capable of extraordinary accomplishments which demand seemingly superhuman sacrifices. For some it is just wanting to know what is beyond the horizon. For others it has been the lure of power and fame. But whatever it may be that drives a person on in the midst of obstacles, there has to be a reason. If there’s a reason for sacrificing, people will withstand tremendous difficulties.

And yet, so often as we look back on history, what people sacrificed for turned out to be what many consider today as evil. How many soldiers fought in wars believing they were serving their country, giving their lives for what they believed to be right and just. Years later however, these same people were judged to be evil oppressors. Others have sacrificed everything to achieve their financial fortune, only to find that the money they thought was worth everything only brought even more troubles. Yes, it is worth it to suffer, but the reason for suffering has to be legitimately worthwhile.

Peter’s entire first letter to a group of churches in modern day Turkey is about suffering. He tells these believers to get used to it, that suffering is part of being a disciple of Christ. But he points to the cross and empty tomb of Christ and says, “But it is worth it. You won’t be disappointed, no matter what you go through.” Many today don’t think there is anything worth suffering for. The only thing they dedicate themselves to is avoiding anything which brings pain. But is that all life is about – avoid pain and then die? Something inside us shouts we are on this earth for more. That voice was put in us by the God who made us and saved us. He is worth sacrificing everything for. He gave it all for us on the cross. His empty tomb assures us we will not be disappointed when we give him back our all.

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