Thursday, October 6, 2016


“You Christians talk so much about how loving your God is but then you say he sends people to hell where they suffer forever. How can that be loving?!?!”

There’s no getting around it, the whole subject of hell is a challenging one. The Bible does clearly teach there is a hell and yet on the other hand tells us that God made the ultimate sacrifice of his Son to keep human beings out of hell. The two concepts put side by side seem almost contradictory.

While it is impossible to talk about the subject of hell without affecting our emotions, we do need to look at this issue from God’s point of view. And doesn’t that make sense since he is the One who tells us about the afterlife?

Certainly no one sermon or Bible class will satisfy all our doubts and fears in regard to human life after death, but we can make a good start at coming to grips with these teachings both on a personal basis and also in our witnessing to others. Yes, it’s a serious topic. But so is dying. To face death without knowing about heaven and hell, well…that seems almost impossible.

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