Friday, August 12, 2016

Spiritual Dementia

Dementia is becoming increasingly common as our population continues to live longer. For those who have personally experienced dementia, it can only be described as massively tragic. And yet, those who seem to be able to deal with this drastic change, often handle it humor. One wife described how she sent her husband to the store for eggs, sugar and coffee. By the time he got to the store he had already forgotten what he was supposed to buy. Since this happened in pre-cell phone days the well intentioned husband decided to redo his wife’s list – his way.

Being an avid outdoor cook the man went to the meat department and picked up various steaks. Then he headed to the other sections of the supermarket and proceeded to buy enough food to have a BBQ for ten people. Happy as could be, the good husband returned home, burst through the door and to his wife’s amazement said, “Honey, I got everything you told me to get.” Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, his wife smiled and said, “You got everything we need for our dinner with the kids tonight. Thank you dear.”

Everything worked out for this committed couple but when, as individuals, we suffer from spiritual dementia, things don’t turn out so well. Spiritual dementia is common to people of all ages and comes in many forms. But the common symptom of spiritual dementia is people forget that God is the reference point of their lives and begin to think and live as though the world revolves around them and what they like. In other words, they ignore the God who created them, the One who is responsible for their existence. Instead, people think they are in control of their lives and have the right to do whatever they feel is best.

Sometime during the next few days, take a quick look at Psalm 90. It’s an excellent antidote for spiritual dementia. Then join us for one of our weekend services as we explore the theme: God’s Take on What Matters and What Doesn’t.

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