Friday, July 22, 2016

When Guilt Won’t Go Away

The word guilt does not bring a pleasant image to mind. Rather, we can almost feel its crushing effect on our lives, weighing us down with feelings of failure, gnawing at us with accusations of moral responsibility for the pain and suffering of others.

Psychologists have written volumes on the impact of guilt on the human psyche. Some have even suggested that the majority of mental health issues find their origin in some form of guilt.

When you first looked at the photo above, how did you react? Did you feel empathy? Did you identify with the agony expressed by the individual?

We’ve all experienced guilt. We’ve seen it destroy peoples’ lives. But what to do about it? How does a human being get rid of guilt when it won’t go away?

A Jewish king who lived about three thousand years ago named David was no stranger to guilt. If you’ve read his story, you know his guilt was not imaginary or invented, it was as real as guilt gets. He tried to hide it. He tried to pretend it didn’t matter. But he was found out. His lies exposed. The naked truth confronted him like the noon day sun and he realized he had nowhere to turn, except to the very One against whom he had sinned so terribly – God.

Join us for one of our weekend services as we study what David learned about getting rid of guilt God’s way. What he writes is good news, news that all of us need to hear.

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