Friday, June 10, 2016

The Cure for the Distorted Life

Very few people will disagree with the observation that we live in stressful times. What is debated, however, is the cause of that stress. While busy schedules, increasing demands on our time and ever rising prices all contribute to a frenetic pace of life, one has to admit that today we have many, many benefits which people of past generations could not even imagine.

Could it be that maybe our view of life and ourselves is distorted? Like the man looking at himself in the carnival mirror doesn’t get an accurate reflection of his appearance, it may be that our way of looking at what is important in life may be just as skewered.

As we continue our study through the book of Psalms, we have the opportunity this Sunday, to meditate on one of the best known chapters of the Bible, Psalm 23. We have all read those beautiful words often, “The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want…..” Just hearing them gives one a sense of calm. But this Psalm offers much more to us than just a temporary sense of peace. It can change the way we see our lives.

If you feel like you’ve been watching your life go by through a carnival mirror, it’s time to get a reality check – for the better. You’ll be amazed at how good life can be when you see things through the eyes of your Good Shepherd.

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