Friday, May 13, 2016

Does the Church Still Matter?

Maybe the simplest answer to that question is, “Because Jesus said so.” And really, if Christ rose from the dead, then that should be enough. But we live in a culture which ridicules the Christian church, never missing an opportunity to point out its faults and shortcomings. According to millennials, churches are full of half-committed people who are overly judgmental of the rest of society. With such scorching criticism, how is a Christian to react? The only response is to go back to Christ. While the way Christians live reflects either positively or negatively on Christ, our behavior does not change in one iota the truth about him – that he is God.

The night before Jesus was crucified he spoke at length about the coming of the Holy Spirit. At that time the Spirit would open the minds of the disciples so that they would fully understand what was all going to happen over the next few days and then be able to take the message of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection to people throughout the world.

Fifty days later, what he promised happened. We call it the Day of Pentecost and it is the day the New Testament Christian church got its start. This Sunday we’re going to be studying what happened on that first Pentecost. We’ll see that the principles on which the early church was built remain the same for 21st century Christians. If the church was the body of Christ then, it still is today. If the church was the instrument through which God worked in the world at that time, it is no different now.

If you’ve been turned off by recent church experiences. If you question the value of being part of the church or are disgusted by the hypocrisy you see in it, give the church one more chance. Join us for one of our weekend services and maybe you might agree, the church still matters.

Saturday evening worship: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning worship: 10:00 am

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