Friday, April 22, 2016

Why We Make So Much Out of the Resurrection

The more time passes after a monumental event, the more people tend to forget its significance. Only 150 years have passed since the epic Civil War, yet many are unable to explain why that war started or its significance to American history. Unfortunately, that same type of na├»ve disinterest is true of many people in regard to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. “What’s the big deal?” they ask. “It’s just some story about a guy who lived a long time ago. There are lots of those. Why make such a big deal out of this one?”

First of all, the resurrection is history, it really happened. Jesus of Nazareth was dead on Friday afternoon, buried and placed in the tomb of Joseph of Arimethea. On Sunday morning, life came back to the corpse and Jesus was seen that day by more than 20 people on at least 5 different occasions. While our skeptical modern minds quickly dismiss the possibility of such a miracle, a close study of the evidence leads to the opposite conclusion – the resurrection is the best explanation for the empty tomb.

His coming back to life legitimizes and confirms all the claims and promises Jesus made during his teaching ministry. Suddenly, we’re no longer talking about legends, mythology or philosophy, but rather we are confronted by the living God who has a claim on our lives.

The resurrection means death is not the end nor life just a passing fling. Everything, from the sadness to the euphoria of life’s events, is embedded into the context of eternity with eternal implications. Easter changes everything, absolutely everything. Join us this weekend for one of our services and help us make the most out of the resurrection of Jesus!

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