Friday, April 8, 2016

Meeting Jesus in the Most Unexpected Places

They weren’t exploring nature, trying to get in touch with their surroundings. No, these two men only wanted to complete the journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus before the sun went down. It was a trip of 8 miles. Nothing out of the ordinary for a person in those days. Walking was the way people got around. It was often boring, usually tiring and always time consuming. And so these two men trudged along, expecting little from the experience. It was just too routine, too ordinary for anything special to happen.

But then Jesus showed up. They didn’t recognize him, at least at first. But they certainly knew he was someone special. What is important for us to consider is how Jesus changed the lives of these two men in a place we would least expect – the open road! At the Temple in Jerusalem, that would be a place we’d expect Jesus to be. Or maybe a synagogue. But not on the road. It’s just too…too common.

If the only place we look for Jesus is in church, we’re missing out on a whole lot of time with him. He promises to be with us everywhere we go. In one of his teachings Jesus said that when we do something kind for another person, we’re doing that act of kindness to him. Maybe we need to look at the routine events and meetings and relationships of our lives differently. Maybe if we looked for Jesus in the daily routine, he’d start showing up in our lives more often. What kind of difference do you think that would make in your life?

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