Thursday, October 22, 2015

What You See Is Not What You Always Get

The acting and technological special effects of films and TV have become so sophisticated that it seems we are watching real life. Veterans of the D-Day invasion saw the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, shook their heads and commented, “It was like we were reliving the whole thing again.” Portrayals of everyday life on weekly TV series seem to reflect exactly what happens in daily life. We can so identify with certain characters that they almost seem real. The key word in that last sentence is “seem”. A lot of things seem like reality when presented electronically but they’re not.

Years ago software was developed that enabled users to print out on paper exactly what they saw on their computer monitors. The developer of the software used the phrase “what you see is what you get” to describe what their program could do. Too many people today have that same thinking when they see daily life portrayed on TV. They believe the kind of life the actors portray is the way people in real life actually live. That belief, however, is absolutely untrue.

The kind of lifestyle presented in our TV shows and films makes a mockery of God’s holy laws for human life. The 10 Commandments have been ridiculed and set aside. It is every person for him/herself. “Do what you feel is best for you” is the watchword of the film industry. What people on the screen do may reflect reality, but how their behavior impacts their lives is where this “make believe” world begins. Watching films and TV series we’re led to believe a person can break God’s commands and everything will work out, that life is one, long yellow brick road. What a lie! Even the casual observer can look around and see that everything God says from spiritual priorities to sexuality to relationships to materials things is spot on. Those who choose to ignore his wisdom most often self-destruct. Sure, some may seem to escape the consequences of their selfishness, but that is a very, very small minority. The dissatisfaction, depression and boredom which marks the lives of so many people is directly the result of living a TV life.

If you want reality, don’t watch TV, read the Bible. If you want a turnaround in your life, don’t listen to an actor or actress, listen to the God who made you. This coming weekend, as we continue to study the book of Colossians, we’re going to see how a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can revolutionize our day to day life. Why not give the tube a rest and join us for one of our services?

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
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