Thursday, April 23, 2015

“Is Heaven Worth the Wait?”

Now that is an embarrassing question for Christians. The fundamental teaching of Jesus is that life after death is far, far better than even the best life a person could ever live here on this earth. He even went so far as to say that there is nothing in this world worth having in exchange for life in heaven.

But, every Christian has, at one time or another, wondered, “Can I be sure there actually is a heaven? And is it really going to be so good that it is worth giving up some things I’d really like to do now?”

If ever there is a time of year to talk about heaven, it’s the Easter season. Jesus physically coming back to life after being dead for three days is a most powerful proof that, yes, there is life after death and Jesus Christ is the One who opens its door to us. Not only did Jesus say he is the way to heaven, he also gives us a short glimpse of what it is going to be like - and it is overwhelming.

Now to the question, “But is heaven so great that it’s worth giving up everything that is fun at the present?” Maybe the question should be, “What’s my definition of fun?” The same Jesus who rose from the dead also said that he offers human beings the “abundant life” – both now and in eternity. If we think “fun” and following Christ are polar opposites, we’ve fallen victim to the ultimate con man of history – Satan.

Several years ago there was a song about heaven not being worth the wait. Its message was: “Have as much fun now and don’t worry about what happens later.” Ironically, the man who wrote the song was battling depression while living the “fun” life. It got so bad that he tried to commit suicide. Now if having fun is so great, why would a person do that?

Jesus never tells us to do or not do something if it isn’t in our best interests. If we can’t do something in front of Jesus, then it isn’t fun, it’s a lie. And lies only come from the devil.

Join us for one of our weekend services and get a little taste of heaven. It is worth the wait. It’s worth everything.

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
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