Friday, February 27, 2015

The Cross Was His Choice

He knew it was coming. He even told his friends months before what was going to happen. They couldn’t believe it. In fact, they had trouble even comprehending why he would talk about such things. But he did. And he talked about them over and over.

He didn’t have to go to Jerusalem. He could have stayed in Galilee where it was safe. But instead, he put himself in the most dangerous setting possible. He went to the Temple and caused riot – just before Passover, no less.

Even the night before he was put to death he had countless opportunities to walk away. But he didn’t. To be honest, it almost seemed like he was orchestrating the final outcome. But why? Why would anyone purposely do everything to make his own execution take place? Why would Jesus choose the cross?

You are the answer. Have you ever thought about Jesus’ crucifixion that way? Have you contemplated the immense truth of the Son of God choosing death so that you might live with him for eternity? If you haven’t, you’ve shortchanged yourself. We spend our lives looking to be loved and love. We give every effort to be seen by others as people of value. And so often, so very often we come up short when all the while supernatural love and worth are available to us at the cross.

Jesus Christ chose the cross so that you would be loved and have the greatest worth – for all of eternity. If that doesn’t make a difference in your life, nothing will.

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