Friday, January 9, 2015

Make a Difference!

Painting a room can be such a rewarding experience. A fresh coat of paint can transform a dull, drab area into an inviting and attractive space. The “before” and “after” difference is dramatic. It feels good to look at what we’ve accomplished because we can see the difference we’ve made.

If only life were like painting. If only we could see the difference we make in all the facets of our lives. Unfortunately, such is not the case. Often, no matter how hard we try, things don’t seem to change – even the tiniest bit. It’s easy to get the feeling that what we do doesn’t really matter much to anyone. And that is just plain depressing.

In his most famous sermon, Jesus Christ challenges his followers with the statement: “You are the salt of the earth…you are the light of the world.” With those word pictures he was saying, “I want you to be my representatives in combating the spread of evil and showing people who are in the dark about life what the Truth is.”

If you have been trying to change the world all by yourself and have gotten frustrated or are close to giving up because you don’t feel you are making a difference, join us for one of our weekend services. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll be motivated. How can anyone not be inspired when Jesus Christ invites us to work with him to change lives for eternity?

Saturday night service: 6:00 pm
Sunday morning service: 10:00 am

Hawaii Lutheran Church (WELS)

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Honolulu, HI
Community Lutheran Church holds protestant chapel services in Honolulu, Hawaii near Pearl Harbor, HI. We are next to the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hickam Air Force Base, and Fort Shafter Hawaii. Look for us directly behind the Salt Lake, Hawaii, Target.