Friday, January 30, 2015

Is God Cheering for the Patriots or the Seahawks?

If you dismissed the question above as silly, you are in the minority opinion of the American people. According to a recent poll, 53% of Americans believe that God “rewards athletes who have faith with good health and success”.

This Sunday the world will stop for the sports world’s undisputed biggest yearly event – the Super Bowl. What started as a game which drew a less than sell-out crowd in 1967 has become the icon for our supersized, superstar culture. Everything will be big. Everyone will be beautiful and talented. Even the TV commercials will be the best of the best. Super Bowl Sunday is not for the average guy on the street, except to buy lots of food, souvenirs and a bigger big screen TV (for the game, of course).

Yes, we give lip service to the old phrase “all people are created equal”, but when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, the real us comes out. We all want to be either a starting quarterback or the entertainer at half time. And every form of the media gives its very best effort to reinforce our fantasies.

What do you think God makes of all our excitement over Super Bowl Sunday? We can get a pretty good idea by looking at a story Jesus told many years ago. It’s a story about two men, one fantastically successful and the other a social outcast. The outcome of their lives seems to be a no brainer, but the way Jesus explains it, we’re left scratching our heads and wondering if maybe we’ve got to readjust our thinking.

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday, it’s a lot of fun. But what Jesus Christ offers you for the long term, makes the Super Bowl look like a pick-up game in a back alley. Join us for one of our week end services. Really, it might even make the game better!

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