Friday, November 29, 2013


How is the shopping going so far? It can be challenging depending on how many people there are to buy for and how much money is budgeted for gifts. And then there are those folks who have everything! It gets very frustrating going from store to store looking at possible presents that are either too expensive or just plain too “blah” to buy. Finding presents which people will appreciate and use can take a whole lot of work.

A friend recently helped his elderly parents move from their home of forty some years to a small apartment. Much to his surprise he found several years of Christmas presents he had given his parents in the attic, still in the original boxes. They had never been used. He laughed as he spoke about the experience, but it was clear there was disappointment in his voice. Time, money and love had gone into giving those presents. Unfortunately, they were not the gifts his parents were looking for.

The tradition of exchanging gifts is meant to be a commemoration of the gifts God wants us all to have not only during Christmas, but throughout our entire lives. During the Sundays of the Advent season (December 1, 8, 15, 22) we are going to look at the gifts of hope, love, joy and peace which God offers us through Christ. These gifts are so different from the ones we buy in stores. They’re not glamorous. They can’t be bought with money. And sometimes they don’t even make us feel the way we want. But these presents from God are what make up the foundation of a meaningful, productive Christian life. No one can take them away. Nor will any wear out or become out of date. When it comes to hope, love, joy and peace – they only grow and get better with each year.

Maybe what you need to help you through the shopping season is a rest from the stores and some quiet time hearing about the gifts God gives to you. Join us each weekend during December either on Saturday evenings (6:

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