Friday, September 27, 2013

The Reason We Need Jesus

How often haven’t you heard a statement like the following?

“Hey, it’s cool if you need Jesus. I guess I just don’t feel the same way.
If he works for you, that’s fine. I’m good the way I am.”

More and more people give the impression that while they aren’t violently against Jesus Christ, they just don’t see the need for him. Their life is comfortable. They don’t have any real pressing problems. And they’re convinced that if there is a heaven, good people go there (and of course they put themselves in the “good” category). These folks don’t see Jesus making their already good life any better.

The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans is one of the “must read” books of the Bible. If it were the only portion of the Scripture that existed, we would still have a complete understanding of Christianity. The first chapter which we’ll be studying this Sunday, however, is controversial. It talks a great deal about God’s anger over human evil. Many take offense at Paul’s strong words, saying it paints God out to be a sick despot. In reality, Paul is explaining why every human being needs a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Regardless of what people want to think, things aren’t good between us and God – at least from His point of view. The whole reason for Jesus dying on the cross is that the problem of human evil is so great, so overwhelming that only the death of the Son of God in the place of humanity could rescue us.

While the message of the early chapters of Romans makes us feel uncomfortable, it acts like an X-ray, painting a vivid picture of human life from the divine perspective. It is very much a picture we need to see if we are going to get life right - both now and in eternity.

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