Friday, September 13, 2013

God Has a Plan When Things Go Bad. Do You?

Most of us would probably have to admit that our Plan B for life is, “If things don’t work out the way I hoped, I guess I’ll just do the best I can.” Those words sound courageous but how much substance do they contain? Isn’t that statement really saying, “I don’t have a clue what I will do”? But having a Plan B is important because life has a not so funny way of taking our meticulously prepared plans and turning them upside down. And ironically, we can even destroy what we hoped for by making bad decisions. How often aren’t people the architects of their own demise? When this happens we say, “He brought it on himself.”

Life isn’t fair. We make some big mistakes. Things don’t turn out the way we want. Then what? Is there anything to work for, to live for? Or are we condemned to kill time until we die? Is there an alternative to despair?

The book of Numbers describes a time in the history of the nation of Israel which seems for the most part futile. After a making a very unwise decision, an entire generation of people is condemned to wander around the Sinai Peninsula until every last person from that generation has died. What good could come from a 40 year camping trip ending in death? From a human point of view – nothing. But God always has a plan for every situation. And what he did 3500 years ago, he continues to do in the lives of his followers today.

Maybe life is turning out just the way you want at this moment, but someday it won’t. Then you will need Plan B – God’s Plan B.

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