Friday, March 15, 2013

Truth: Don’t Put It Off for Another Day

Think of the things we plan on doing but often never get to, such as…

* cleaning the garage
* understanding our taxes
* learning a musical instrument or second language
* saving for retirement
* reading the fine print on our investments and health insurance policies
* exercising regularly
* doing the thousand projects on our “to do” list
* making a will
* add your own…
Some of the items on your “never got to” list aren’t all that important. When you think about them you might even chuckle and say to yourself, “I’ve been saying I’m going to take care of that for years. Who am I fooling? I’m never going to get to it.” And, it probably won’t matter all that much if the garage never gets cleaned or you don’t learn to play the guitar. But if you don’t make a will, or save for retirement or exercise regularly, well, the consequences of putting those things off can be catastrophic!

People have the tendency to be procrastinators with something else very important – the Truth about life and death. It’s a very personal subject which makes us all feel vulnerable, and so we tend to put it off and live our lives one day at a time, thinking that someday it will all come together for us and we’ll know what Truth is.

Jesus Christ talked a lot about Truth and he encouraged people to think seriously about what he said. Hours before he died Jesus spoke with a man who didn’t have a clue either about the definition of Truth or where he could find it. Little did he recognize Truth was looking at him. The words of Pontius Pilate, “What is truth?” have rung through the halls of history. Join us this Saturday (6:00 pm) or Sunday (10:00 am) to discover Truth in the person of Jesus Christ.

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