Friday, March 1, 2013

“Can Something So Simple Really Do Any Good?”

Have you ever gone up to take Holy Communion with that thought in your mind? Sunday after Sunday, year after year, century after century people from all over the world have lined up at the Communion rails of their churches to receive a little piece of bread and less than an ounce of wine. After the minister sends them on their way with the words, “Depart in peace” nothing seems to have changed. Life goes on. So what is the big deal about this ritual that it continues to be carried out by so many people each day?

God has a way of accomplishing the most incredible things through the most common means.
Jesus used five small loaves of bread and two fish to feed over 5000 people. At his word well water became the finest of wines. A touch of his hand cured the sick and raised the dead. An instrument of execution, the cross, became the way by which he opened eternal life to sinful human beings. Through a simple ritual using bread and wine God himself comes personally to his followers and whispers in our ears, “You are forgiven. My body and blood prove it. No one, nothing can take you away from me!”

Don’t sell God short. He keeps every promise he makes. And the promises he makes in the simple act of Communion are too good to pass up. Join us either Saturday (6:00 pm) or Sunday (10:00 am) to discover just how much Jesus Christ offers you in Communion.

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