Friday, November 9, 2012

What You Did Today Means More than You Can Ever Imagine

So how did the day go? Was it pretty routine? Just another day on the calendar crossed off? If your day was so forgettable, maybe you should ask yourself, “From whose point of view?” Maybe you think there was nothing special in the last 24 hours of your earthly existence, but that sure isn’t God’s perspective.

The certainty of a coming day of divine judgment adds a sense of urgency and importance to our daily lives which even Christians too often fail to appreciate. God is the God of eternity. He always has been and always will be. Time, as we know it, means nothing to him. Now this God of eternity has made it very clear in the Bible that his intention for human beings is for us to spend forever with him. If that is the case, why would he leave us here, in a mortal, limited existence when we could be experiencing something so much better?

Could it be that heaven is overcrowded and believers have to wait until God creates more space? Or maybe God is giving people a waiting period to make sure they really want to spend eternity with him? Hardly! The only reason Christians remain on this earth is to be God’s representatives among the people who have not yet come to know him as God and Savior. If you think the major issues of the day are paying the bills and having a little fun, think again. The Lord who made you and redeemed you has you here to touch the lives of people with the same love and compassion he has shown to you. That means, the forgettable day which just passed actually had eternal consequences for someone’s life in addition to your own.

The reality of Judgment Day demands that we rethink what our daily lives are all about. Are you ready to start living from God’s point of view? Join us this weekend for one of our services and begin to see your day-to-day life from a spectacularly different vantage point.

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