Friday, October 12, 2012

Life’s Not about Feelings, It’s about Jesus

Most non-Christian people explain their lack of interest in Christianity very simply—they just don’t feel they need it. It's not that they have done an exhaustive study of Christ’s life and teaching. It’s not an intellectual decision they’ve made. Instead, their choice is emotional. At the particular point of time in their life that they find themselves, they feel they are better off without an involvement with Christ, Christianity, or Christians.

The real question, however, is "What is true?" The New Testament doesn‘t present Jesus Christ from an emotional point of view. Its message is not, “Believe in Jesus so that you will feel the way you want.” Rather, in very straightforward and plain terms, the writers of the New Testament claim they are presenting the historical event of God becoming a human being for the purpose of bringing human beings back into a right relationship with the God who created us. Jesus isn’t about feelings; Jesus is about truth. He’s about the way things are. He’s about making life into what God intends it to be.

This Saturday evening (6:00 pm) and Sunday morning (10:00 am) we will be examining the books of the New Testament, looking at the big picture of this section of the Bible. And to be honest, it’s all about Jesus. We are confronted by these greatest of all propositions: When you see Jesus, you see God. When you listen to Jesus, you are listening to God. Regardless of how we may feel about those claims, the only thing that matters is to find out if they are true. If they are, then there is no feeling we can experience that is worth walking away from him.

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