Friday, August 17, 2012

“If There Are No Cigars In Heaven, I Shall Not Go.” (Mark Twain)

Mark Twain had a way with words. Even though his statement, “If there are no cigars in heaven, I shall not go,” is pretty brash, it does make us smile. The issue for Twain, though,  probably wasn’t really cigars, but rather what we are going to do in heaven. People have the idea that eternal life is going to be one unending church service during which we’ll have to sit still on wooden pews, sing songs we don’t like and be preached at. Doesn’t sound much like Paradise, does it?

Not to worry! Even though we’re not sure exactly what we’ll be doing in heaven, we can be sure, we’re not going to be bored or disappointed for even a fraction of a second. But Twain’s statement and our caricature of heaven bring up a relevant question about worship. We have the idea that as Christians, worship is relegated to formal religious services which take place inside a church building. And because such religious services are not always the most earth shaking, our opinion concerning the value of worship in our lives is diminished.

The reason worship has always been a principle activity among believers, both during Old Testament and New Testament times, is that, far from being an isolated weekly event, worship is a dynamic way of life. Through worship God develops a personal and living relationship with us. This Saturday evening (6:00 pm) and Sunday morning (10:00 am) we are going to study what the Bible says about worship and its different roles in our lives. If you have the idea that worship is about “going to church”, join us for a study that will open your eyes to what God wants to do in your life.

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