Friday, February 24, 2012

How to Live a Life of Greatness

Who would you say was the greatest person in history? If you raised that question in a group of people, it would probably create a very lively, maybe even, heated discussion. Each person would point out stunning accomplishments by the person of their choice and how those events changed the course of history for many people. Most probably, the names discussed, would be well known to all. In our minds, great people do the kinds of things that people notice--for a long time.

It isn't likely that the name "John the Baptist" would be included in a discussion of the greatest person in history. He might be considered one of the most colorful personalities of all time or most courageous, but probably not greatest. But what if God has another definition of "greatness"? What if, greatness is not about fame or skill or political acumen, but obedience? Jesus called John the Baptist one of the greatest men who ever lived. He didn't do anything particularly earth shaking. He preached. He baptized. He ended up in jail and finally had his head cut off by a virulent woman. And it all took place in a year or less! So what made John so great?

John the Baptist played his role in God's plan for this world with everything he had and when it was time to step aside, he did just that with grace and love. You see, he had the job of getting people spiritually tuned in for the beginning of Jesus Christ's ministry. He told people, "The Messiah is coming soon and the way you can get yourself ready is to repent, be baptized and change your ways. He'll tell you the rest when he arrives." John pointed people to Jesus. When Christ came on to the scene, John quietly backed away and let Jesus take the spotlight. The end of his life was no less remarkable. It happened in a dark cell underneath the fortress of Machaerus at the hand of an executioner.

"Greatness" in God's dictionary can be defined this way: "To give glory and honor to Christ in whatever circumstances he places a human being in." Now that sheds some light on greatness, doesn't it? In fact, that makes greatness accessible to a lot of people who normally wouldn't be considered great. Even more important is the fact that greatness on God's terms has an influence which lasts a whole lot longer than human defined greatness.

Where is your life taking you? Is it time to consider a change in direction? Join us Sunday (February 26) at 10:00 am and together let's set out on the path of greatness.

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