Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jesus and the Pretenders

When it comes to repairing cars, some of us are more challenged than others. Instead of admitting our inability to diagnose and fix problems, however, many of us choose to ignore sure signs that something is wrong with our vehicle. If someone points out that a light is suddenly flashing on the dashboard, signaling a problem, our typical response is something like, “Not to worry, it will go off soon enough.” We pretend not to hear rattles or see mushy tires. As long as the car gets us from one point to the other, we’re happy. Of course, our days are numbered and sooner or later we end up at the repair shop, facing a huge bill. When it comes to keeping one’s car running, a person can’t pretend everything is fine when it isn’t.

When it comes to life, we humans should be called “The Great Pretenders”. We act like everything is okay. We say we have life under control. We bristle when it is suggested that possibly we need outside help to fix what has gone wrong. And yet, year after year the same kinds of tragedies are repeated causing pain, suffering and anguish. One generation passes after another, each following the same path of aging and then finally dying off. Is something wrong with human beings? Only a pretender would deny that truth.

The reason Jesus Christ encountered so much resistance during his earthly ministry is that he dared to openly tell people something was wrong and only he could fix their problem. The word “repent” has fallen out of fashion these days but it is exactly the right word to describe the first step in learning to live without pretending. To repent means to accept we’re incapable of living on our own terms, to acknowledge there is a personal God whom we have greatly offended and to approach him for his solution for our lives. Jesus Christ is that solution. The time he spent on this earth was about one thing, teaching people to stop pretending, admit their error and then receive the forgiveness and new life he offers.

Have you come to the point in your life that you want to stop pretending as though all is well when it isn’t? Join us this Sunday at 10:00 am. Let’s start a new life journey together…with Jesus.

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