Friday, September 30, 2011

It Doesn't Matter Anyway, Or Does It?

A lot of people dismiss discussions about God with the words, "It doesn't matter anyway. Everybody believes what they want to believe." The impression these people give is that beliefs about God are like beliefs about which type of pizza is the most tasty. Everybody has their own opinion, but in the end, which kind of pizza each person likes best doesn't affect anyone else. That kind of logic would make sense if God were just a part of our imagination. Then we would have the liberty to make him out the way we think he should be, like an artist painting a picture on a canvass. The only problem with an imaginary God is that the help he might give us would also be imaginary.

If God is actually going to make a difference in our lives, he must be a real, separate being, totally distinct from the people he created with the ability to be involved on our behalf. And that is exactly the way God is described in the Bible. However, if God is real, then we don't have the option of making him out to be the way we want. Instead of saying, "I think God is like....", we need to find out what God says about himself and then take him at his word.

The New Testament book of Galatians is a crucial statement about the way God makes people right with himself. Some people read this short letter and wonder what all the fuss is about. But for those who are looking for clear answers to life's most important questions, Galatians is like a lighthouse on a foggy night. God has spoken about himself and how we can be a part of his family. There is no more important subject which a human being can ponder. Join us this Sunday (October 2) at 10:00 am as we consider beliefs that matter not just for the moment or a few years, but for eternity.

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